The Battle of Pillowtown.


Once you start exploring Smeet, you find all kinds of places. There's the pond with good fishing, the fall room with the views and the lake, the Halloween village, the place where you get good mushrooms, the bell tower with those gargoyles, that weird place in the swamps where the pumpkins grow so well, but, at the same time seems like it just eats people up and they're never to be seen again....

Keep going, heading out farther and you'll find the cozy little village of Pillowtown; a place where you'd never lack a pillow, a smile, or a favour from a neighbour. 

Wasn't always that way, though. The old, wise ones tell us of a different time, giving us reasons why we should keep our trebuchets and catapults in good working order. Never told us why, but they said that one day we'd need them.

We thought it was just an old-wives tale... of things in the woods, with their cold, dead buttony eyes. Their little, furry feet running across the leaves just out of the corner of your eyes. "Don't go too far in there," they'd say, "Don't fall afoul of the cuteness that lies within these woods." 

We'd all laugh and go about our day. 

Then, one day it happened.  The cuddly toys appeared once more. The uneasy peace that had existed between our town and the cuddly toys in the forest was broken. At first, we thought they were just curious, maybe wanting to be friends. It had been such a long time since the last time that our machines were just maintained by a select few and we had all but forgotten what had happened. We were not prepared for that day. 

They came. They took our Princess. 

And now, armed with our pillows filled with the best feathers we could find, we must fight against the cuddly toys as they have shown that their intentions can never be good. We must dust off our machines to take the war to their impenetrable fortress where they have lived away from us since we can remember. 

Why did they come back after so long? We do not know. All we know is that we cannot trust the cute things, that we have an almighty fight on our hands. And we are coming for our Princess.

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