Search for precious pearls Under the Smeet Sea!

Smeet Room Under the Smeet Sea Chat Game

Who knows what fortunes are hidden down in the depths…

May as well try to find out then! Take a deep-sea diving trip to visit the curious characters that live at the very bottom of the Smeet Sea. Obviously, you need to do a fair amount of the work yourself but enlisting the help of some of the friendly locals is essential too!

Seaweed from the seabed and a special Leverage Effect from the Manta Rays can be combined with Seaweed Oysters to provide some of the nutrients needed for Pearls. Coral Oysters from the Coral Fields are key here too.

Once you have your Pearls, take them to the Mermaid Pearl Evaluator who will decide on whether it is a Third-Rate, Second-Rate or First-Rate Pearl that you have uncovered. Alternatively, you can spend some Group Coins and go through the Pearl Trader Crab instead!

Whichever method you choose, feed your Pearls into the various bits of Pearl Jewelry – some will require a higher quality of Pearls than others. They will also give you Sand Dollars in return, which you can use to pay the Pearl Supplier Octopus for more Pearls!

Get to work down on the seabed, Smeeters!