Merry Christmas - Image: Freepik

Do you all recall these words which are part of a very popular Christmas song:  “Tis the season to be jolly” ?  Well, for most of us it is the season of happiness, joy, excitement but for some of us it is the most dreaded time of the year.  It is sadness, loneliness, stress, etc.  due to whatever circumstance we are currently facing or experiencing.  But, as I have always reminded you all in of my past articles.--- The only way to eliminate these somewhat negative feelings during this holiday season or throughout our daily lives,  is to not focus on ourselves and our circumstances, but rather to seek out to help and serve others.


A lot of you message me to say;  it really isn’t what they care or want to do, but everyone should try it.  It is not difficult to smile to another person.  Your smile does not cost you money and you do not even know how much of a simple smile to a total stranger or someone who you do not especially care for can make.  You have no inkling as to what that smile you just gave him/her made such a huge impact and a difference for that particular individual at that moment.  So please make it an effort to start there.  Just smile at others but make sure it is a genuine smile that comes from your heart.  Try it, it is FREE.


For the rest of you braver individuals:  I suggest you take your first step in volunteering.  It can be for any organization or non profit organization.  Choose something that is dear to your heart, something that you know will make a difference in the lives of others and yourself, if you volunteer for that particular cause.  For example:  Volunteer to reach out to the homeless by joining a homeless ministry or outreach program offered in any church or just do it yourself.  Buy a hamburger or something to eat and give it to a homeless person.  Just see what a huge difference that one simple gesture will make to both you and that homeless person.  Not all homeless peoples are on drugs or mentally ill, many are just normal folks like you and me who are just going through a tough time financially at this moment in time.  May I remind all of you:  that nothing remains the same ….. things change in a split of a second and any one can find themselves in a tough financial situation like the homeless folks.  So just try and make a difference.  You do not have to look at this picture in an overwhelming way.  Just give them a simple sandwich or hamburger.


There are countless ways any person can make a difference in other peoples lives and change the world one person at a time.  Think about this,  but also take action – not only doing this at this time of the year, but try to embark on a new adventure of helping others all year round---- but please do it from your heart, otherwise it becomes meaningless.   Then watch how your own life will change.  Always remember that what we give out into the universe, always will return to us in a boomerang fashion….. so sow love, kindness, caring to everyone and you will receive all of what you gave out to others.  Believe me, this is so true.  It has happened to me countless times on this Smeet game and in my real life.  Always, remember;  everyone is going through something and some peoples hide their pain.  So just be NICE to everyone!  It is that simple:  You always will reap what you sow into this world. 


Gratitude also is something we all need to work hard and practice to achieve in our lives.  Rather than looking all around us at others, and wishing and hoping you had a better life like them.  Focus on being grateful,  as soon as you wake up in the morning.  Try it.  Showing gratitude is something I have to always remind myself and practice daily.  Yes,  daily.  Not all of us have a gift of feeling grateful and expressing it daily.  For me,  it is a daily struggle to realize how grateful I should be.  Whenever I show gratitude in my attitude and to others as well, it changes everything.  If it is difficult to you to do this, try this (It has helped me a lot):  Get a simple notebook and make it your Gratitude Journal but you must enter into it every single day:  what you are grateful for and date each entry.  It can be anything that you are grateful for:  for example:  you have a roof over your head, you have food to each every day,  you have clothes to wear, etc.  Do this diligently and days when you are so overwhelmed and disgusted, frustrated and in a negative mood, pick up your Gratitude Journal and read all the past days you have entered into it.  Try it,  you have nothing to lose but to gain a more happier, positive attitude, which in turn will change not only your attitude but your life as well.   


With all of the above said, here is wishing all of you the most Blessed Merriest Christmas ever and a New Year of 2023 filled with good health, prosperity, happiness, etc.  Always keep smiling and dancing.  If you see me around on Smeet,  please say Hi and if you have a topic that was never covered in any of my past years articles published in the Smeet blog,  please message me in private.  Always remember to love one another.  Why?  Because LOVE conquers everything!


Merry Blessed Christmas to all of you out there in Smeetland and Happy Smeeting. God bless all of you!  <3