Help a young Uncle McAur create his ‘Rich & Famous’ Whisky!


Well, would you believe it? That crazy dude McAur has succeeded. Assuming it would never work, you volunteered as the first test subject for his time machine, and your uncle has landed you back in the 1950s. You now find yourself stood next to a young, handsome and much more energetic Uncle McAur!

It’s a scary situation but your twenty-something uncle is not interested in strange tales of time travel from the future. He’s on the brink of creating a whisky that he thinks will change the post-dinner drink/nightcap scene for good. He’s been trying to perfect the recipe and process for some time, though, and his frustration is starting to show. He’s talking about giving up completely and investing in a company that makes mugs with animal faces on instead!

This won’t do. You are well aware of how popular McAur’s whisky will become, you just need to help him over the finishing line by producing that first perfect bottle.

Start by mixing Barley and Water in the Malting Field, which will produce some lovely Malt. You can then mix the Malt with Yeast to produce Washback that can be distilled in the Distillation Apparatus. Once it’s distilled, simply store the Distillate in the Oak Barrels for as long as it needs to become the differently-aged versions of McAur’s ‘Rich & Famous’!


Help McAur and ensure the course of history is not altered, Smeeters!