Help and train adorable Bunnies to become grown Easter Bunnies!

Adorable Academy

Do you know how Easter Bunnies are made? Well, of course, at first like normal Bunnies... but after that, they have to go through a very long and harsh training, eventually they have to pass countless exams until they've proven finally worthy to call themselves Easter Bunnies.

Naturally, you can't train Easter Bunnies anywhere no, not only is it of utmost importance to meet all the security specifications for Bunnies but there needs to be enough space for them to run and hop around as well as enough grassland for them to relax, feed and sleep!

And can you believe it, such a place for Bunnies already exists!

Embedded in verdant meadows is an absolutely Adorable Academy led by the very old and wise Head Easter Bunny. Under his care with the help of other diligent Easter animals, Bunny pupils train to become great and capable Easter Bunnies.

Like every year, Easter time is especially busy over there, so why don't you pay them a little visit and help out a bit with training the adorably soon-to-be Easter Bunnies?