Prepare the fun at the Sounds of Mexico Carnival!

Sounds of Mexico Carnival

Every country has its own way to host a party, and some have very special holidays! When someone thinks of a carnival, they usually think of the amazing parades and floats from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, but Spain and Mexico also have some very fun traditions of their own! This time we’re spending some time in North America to create some fun music, try some delicious food, and train up some amazing dancers for the celebrations to come!

The most famous examples of the Mexican Carnival are in Mazatlán and Veracruz, but every region has little twists on the traditions. With parades, parties, and a sort of style mixing elements from the traditional Mexican holidays with some elements from the circus, you truly get a unique twist on what people normally consider a carnival! It’s a time when elaborate costumes and fun take over and people can just enjoy themselves for a few days!

This time in Smeet, we’re asking you to help get things going! We need some Vuelve a la Vida, a food known as “Come back to Life” – a perfectly fitting name for the occasion! Musicians, dancers, and choreographers need their energy as they practice their routines and get ready to deliver an unforgettable show!

Decorate their floats and get the music going in the Sounds of Mexico Carnival!