Help the gingerbread men build new homes for Christmas in Zingyland!

Zingyland room

Buried under heavy icing and powdered sugar lies the sweet town of Zingyland. Everything from the ground-up is made of tasty treats and delicious biscuits, and the gingerbread inhabitants always make a big deal out of the holiday season.

Every year they start up their ovens and create wonders made of biscuits, chocolates, sugar, and ginger! Their creativity never ceases with the crazy things they’ll build in honor of the Christmas spirit, and the only thing to stop them is a particularly heavy snow-sugar storm that hit them exceptionally hard this year.

The season has only just begun, but they are already behind schedule! They’ve asked you to help them scratch off sugar from the natural sugar crystals, grate ginger like a madman, import flour, and while adhering to their recipes, bake like never before!

This year’s gingerbread decorations depend on you for the Christmas season, so lend a hand to the gingerbread men in Zingyland!