Help the turkeys celebrate Thanksgiving their way in the Thankful Fowl’s Feast!

Thankful Fowl’s Feast

Living out in the wilds, in the cold forests and plains where the winter chill starts to creep in, you can have your own Thanksgiving full of avian friends and wild vegetables.

Thanksgiving is an old tradition where people come together to celebrate the yearly harvest and appreciate the things they have been blessed with. This year, the turkeys want to see what it’s like to try their own Thanksgiving, this time using their own wild crops and their own recipes.

In fact, this year has been so bountiful for them that they could store plenty for the winter! Turkeys don’t migrate during winter, so a stash of food would be perfect to help them see it through to the next year. There are so many crops and plants that need to be harvested and prepared that they would appreciate an extra helping hand, by inviting you to celebrate Thanksgiving with them!

Help the Turkeys harvest potatoes, corn, and pumpkins and let their wonderful wild chefs turn it all into a feast, ready to be laid out for the celebration or stashed for the coming winter – only in the new Thankful Fowl’s Feast in Smeet!