International DJ Battle


Dear DJs,

Thank you for signing up for the International DJ Battle on Smeet! The musical topic of the evening will be...

"Last Summer Vibes"

This means the music you present during the battle should showcase the last days of summer. Each DJ gets a 15 minute slot to showcase their skills!

The admin judges will be basing their marks on:
- Technical ability: Is the music loud enough? Can we hear you when you talk?
- Transitions: The transitions between the different songs. Are the transitions to the next song fluent? Do they make sense? Is there a break in between or is there a smooth transition?
- Choice of music: Did you cover different musical genres?

Here are the prizes for the winning DJs!:
1st prize: 1,000 Coins + 50,000 Fame Points + 3 month Gold VIP + gift from the Shop (150 Coins) + Golden DJ Battle badge
2nd prize: 750 Coins + 40,000 Fame Points + 2 months Gold VIP + gift from the Shop (150 Coins) + Silver DJ Battle badge
3rd prize: 500 Coins + 30,000 Fame Points + 1 months Gold VIP + gift from the Shop (150 Coins) + Bronze DJ Battle badge

If you have any questions please ask your admin about it!

Best of luck to all the Smeet DJs, we are looking forward to hearing your skills!