Walking through the winter wonderland…


Smeet City is famous for it´s wonderful Winter Wonderland fair at the Gold Boost Square. Every year thousands of people visit it, most of them since they were children.

The hot cocoa tastes amazing and has either a pinch of pumpkin spice or cinnamon in it and as on every Christmas market you have Santa sitting somewhere listening to children and their Christmas wishes. All the amazing smells of baked goods are lingering in the air and singers are spreading the holiday joy by singing lovely carols

But the best thing about the Smeet City Winter Wonderland is the reindeer enclosure, where you can feed them with delicious herbs and mosses. And if you are very careful and don´t move too fast you are even able to pet their soft furry noses. An experience no one ever forgets!

So get your winter coat and head out to visit the Smeet City Winter Wonderland!