Smeet Halloween Games 2021


We are happy to announce one of our favorite events is back - it's time for the Smeet Halloween Games 2021! This time there are just four rounds, meaning a shorter but more intense competition!

The schedule is as follows:
1. Scary Outfit (12.10.2021 - 19.10.2021)
2. Nightmare Room (19.10.2021 - 26.10.2021)
3. A Creepy Film (21.10.21 - 28.10.2021)
4. Halloween Party (29.10.2021)

You will get a reward for each round you win, as well as earning Halloween Games Points for your domain. The domain with the most points at the end of the contest will then also be rewarded with another great prize!

For each round:
1st place = 3 Halloween Games Points
2nd place = 2 Halloween Games Points
3rd place = 1 Halloween Games Points

As there are more users in some domains than others, we are going to separate them into two groups:

The Ghost Group - TR, FR, PL and ES/LAT.
The Monsters Group - DE, EN, IT, GR and LT.
There will be other individual and group prizes on offer (details and instructions will be given before each round), but all participating domains that earn at least 1 Halloween Games Point will earn a Halloween Games 2021 Participation Badge!


Round 1, the Scary Outfit Contest, starts now!

You need to make a horror outfit that will scare all the admins! Take screenshots of your outfit in your profile and in a room, and send them to us at by 19th October 2021. The admins will choose the 3 best styles from both the Monsters and the Ghost Groups!

Individual Rewards for Round 1:
1. Place: 1000 Coins, 50,000 Fame Points and 3 Points for the Domain
2. Place: 500 Coins, 25,000 Fame Points and 2 Points for the Domain
3. Place: 250 Coins, 15,000 Fame Points and 1 Point for the Domain

One domain can take more than one place and earn up to 6 points!

Have a lot of fun and good luck, Smeeters!