Create fruity popsicle sensations at Valerie’s Icy Heaven!

Smeet Room Valerias Icy Heaven Chat Game

Your old friend Valerie has done really well since you graduated together from North Dimesville High School all those years ago. Whereas you have had approximately 587 jobs in the past eight years, never being able to survive more than a week in any of them, she set up a small popsicle business that has since thrived, keeping the schoolkids of Smeet City cool and refreshed (not to mention pumped full of sugar) throughout the sweltering summers. It seems like everybody in town now knows of Valerie’s Icy Heaven!

Not that her success has made you jealous or anything like that. No, you remain close friends, which is cool because a) she is a nice person and a good friend, and b) you get free popsicles whenever you want. You decide which of those things is more important…

Anyway, one of Valerie’s popsicle servers has called in sick this week, so it’s time for you to step up to the plate and do something in return for all that free fruity goodness. Get the popsicle party started by gathering Blackberries, Strawberries and Lime Juice to give your lollies that fruity flavor. Stick them in a mixer to produce Fruit Mix and pour it into the popsicle Form with the popsicle Sticks. Finally, simply chuck the whole thing in the Freezer to produce your awesome final product!

Once that’s all sorted Valerie will ask you to ship the popsicles out to her various selling points, be it the Popsicle Seller, her Popsicle Stand or the Popsicle Van.


It’s down to you to keep Valerie’s sales poppin’, Smeeters!