Smeet Spring Games 2019 Round 2

Any budding landscape architects out there? We want you to create a special kind of garden - a beer garden! There is one rule though - it has to have the spring vibe! Other than that, there are no limitations, so try and surprise us!

Simply email your entry to
(include your ID and written permission that we can use your entry on our FB page too!) by Wednesday 8th May, and the admins will be the judges.

Remember! All 3 prizes can go to one single domain, so it's a great chance to earn points!

1st prize: 3 points for the domain, 1000 Coins and 50,000 Fame Points for the user.
2nd prize: 2 points for the domain, 500 Coins and 30,000 Fame Points for the user.
3rd prize: 1 point for the domain, 200 Coins and 10,000 Fame Points for the user.

Ready? Set! Go!!!