What´s new after our update today?

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Dear Smeeters,

Today after our update we have a couple of surprises for you!

Firstly you have probably already seen there is a new way you can change your style. You don´t have to go to the Shop to switch your Style anymore, now you can do it with one click in your Style section.

Additionally we began to change the Smeet design. We started with changes in the Shop. We changed texts and icons and made them bigger. This makes reading and clicking much more comfortable. In our next update we will also change the design of the profiles.

A lot of users have asked us to add more Prestige Levels and we took the opportunity today to do this, so new levels with awesome rewards are waiting for you!

We also ran a big update for our servers to improve the infrastructure and make the game more stable.

This update was also very important for the Smeet App. We have added to and improved on the app a lot with this update and now we are almost ready to release it. We are looking forward to publishing it and share it with you soon!

We hope you like the improvements that went live today!

If you have any feedback please write to us on Facebook or send us a ticket to Support:

Happy Smeeting!

Your Smeet Team