Bake up some Christmas treats at the Cinnamon Star Bakery!

Smeet Room Cinnamon Star Bakery Chat Game

The Cinnamon Star Bakery is, as ever, completely overrun with orders at this time of year. They need all the help they can get and, seeing as the advent season has just begun, why don’t you head on down there to help out?

This won’t be easy, though. The Cinnamon Star Bakery has always been famous for its…Cinnamon Stars. Obviously. But this year the bakers have decided to spread their wings and take on some new types of Cookie too. May we present to you…Vanilla Crescents, Butter Cookies and Nut Wedges! Variety is the spice of life after all!

Start off with Cans of Milk and plenty of Cookie Ingredients – you need to gather enough to meet the demand for each of the four types of cookies. Once you have enough, put them into the respective ovens and just wait for the delicious smells to fill the air! The smell will prompt Christmas Anticipation to appear too, which will then allow you to complete the Christmas Decorations in the bakery themselves.

It's time to bake something beautiful, Smeeters, just in time for Christmas!