Turn the Christmas Living Room into a decoration dreamland!

Smeet Room Christmas Living Chat Game

The Christmas period is here and, after the usual drawn-out and complex negotiations, it’s been decided that you are hosting the family this year. How nice. A day of cleaning, cooking and trying to stop Uncle Harry from sneaking sherry to his 12 year old nephew. ‘Tis the Season, and all that…

After digging around in your attic for hours, you’ve finally found your old box of Christmas stuff. So dust off the Fairy Lights, the Fir Twigs and the Christmas Decorations and get started! Use them to put up a Wall Light display, a Christmas Wreath for the door and, of course, a beautifully-decorated Christmas Tree – they’re all guaranteed to brighten the place up!

Some other smaller items lying around the Living Room are likely to help too – a pair of scissors, scrummy cookies and fresh milk can also help up the levels of Christmas Spirit in this cozy seasonal room! Once you’re done, it will be spectacular – lit Candles bringing a winter ambience, Christmas Stockings ready to be filled with goodies and of course a stunning Chimney area, ready for the arrival of the big man in red himself.

So make the room look beautiful and have a wonderful Christmas, Smeeters!