Return the Color to the Underground Village of the Quox!

Underground Village of the Quox

Not far from the ever-growing Smeet City lie some mysterious caves, supposedly home to a unique colony of creatures. One day, whilst checking it out with your mate Barry, you come across one of them sobbing in the long grass. Finally, you have first-hand evidence that the Quox are real! The little chap seems pretty down, and he relays his tale of woe to you...

It turns out that the peaceful Quox have a bit of a problem. Their underground Village has somehow lost it's legendary color, as the Arc Crystals seem to have lost their power.

We don't know what Arc Crystals are, or where one would find the spare parts to fix them. However, we suggest you try using the Quox themselves, as they seem to have dealt with this situation before!

It's down to you to process the colors through the Quox and return joy to the Underground Village!

Best of luck, Smeeters!

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