Chronicles of the Time-Transcending Agency: A Journey Beyond Timelines

The Space beyond Time

You step out of the portal and look at the sky in amazement. Across a firmament of vivid colors glide northern lights of luminous brightness, illuminating the stone gateways and odd ruins that stand strewn about this strangest of all places. You have heard so much of this place. It is here, where all timelines of all universes converge. It is here, where the omniscient observers and ageless architects hold watch over the space-time-continuum.

In all ages, across all universes, the flow of time has been threatened. Sometimes by a natural galaxy-wide catastrophe, sometimes by a person of evil powers. The concept which we call time is unsteady and given the right force, it can be easily disturbed.
Guided by the will of the omnipresence, those who reside in this outer place watch over the course of time, reconstructing timelines, correcting anomalies, and closing rifts to avoid the fracture of the time-space-continuum. To this end, they employ the help of extraordinary individuals from all timelines and all galaxies. The ancients are mighty and wise beyond comprehension, but their powers are limited to their domain. If they were to leave this safe haven, they would begin aging and withering away. Only through enlisting gifted agents which they saw fit for this dangerous duty, could they hope to maintain the stability of all worlds.

As your eyes wander over the wonders of this strange place, you vividly remember how the invitation arrived, a neat brown envelope labeled with your name in gold. Somehow, it had turned up inside your microwave, requesting you to join the ranks of a secretive time-transcending agency. At first, you had thought it a joke, some complicated prank by your friends. But when the two agents materialized in your backyard a week later, all doubts had vanished. “Situation of extraordinary urgency.”, they had said gravely. Across all the space-time-continuum, rifts and anomalies had sprung up, forcing the agency to quickly gather as many agents as possible. Figuring you might as well save the galaxy in which you were living, you embarked on your journey to a place beyond time. Now that you reached this crossroad of timelines, you gape at all its strange miracles. And immediately become aware of the grave danger.

The rainbow sky is torn open by dimensional rifts and parts of the landscape seem to distort before your very eyes. There is chaos everywhere. The cascading anomalies that threw the whole space-time-continuum into chaos have already reached this innermost sanctum. You exchange a glance with the agents that have brought you here and you realize…it is time to act.

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