What matters most

What matters most

If I asked you the question "What matters most?", would you be able to answer me back instantly? Would you need a moment to think about it? Would you draw a blank? I am sure a lot of you always or sometimes have heard that question asked of you or seen those three words when reading a book, an article, or even online while searching or researching things. I have always seen those three words throughout my life and have also heard those three words in seminars, lecture classes, sermons in church, and elsewhere. So what does it really mean to you when someone asks you: What matters most? I believe how you answer these three words depends on where your focus is.

For me, thinking about what matters most always makes me think of my current life situation. For others, it may be their current job, their marriage/relationship, contemplating a move to live in another country, a new job offer they are contemplating accepting, etc. As I sit and think about those three words: what matters most--- in my life? I always somehow, have many things that matter a lot to me. But we should have one thing that really matters the most. I believe that everyone should periodically stop to think and reflect and be able to answer quickly and instantly: what matters most in their lives. I also believe that what matters most in our lives or other specific areas of concern changes from time to time.

Life is a gift and we only have one chance to do it right. We, as human beings, are full of flaws and some of us always or constantly manage to mess up in our lives (make mistakes), but the next day, we are given the opportunity to start over and to make things right and to try to change our ways that bring bad results that affect our daily lives. In order to do this, one must always have focus and the focus needs to be on things that will give you a desire, a passion, an extreme fulfillment while doing this activity, which as a result will benefit your life for the better. This is called PURPOSE.

Whether we are young or old, it does not matter age or gender, but if one does not have a purpose in one’s life, this will always result in one just living life meandering along aimlessly without meaning or significance. It is very easy to discover one’s passion in any particular activity or mission. When one is performing or even thinking about this activity, it brings a smile to your face and excites you to a point where you want to just jump up and do it. For me, my passion has always been helping others: whether it be through my writing, phoning them without a reason, or just saying hello and asking them if they need help with anything. Everyone alive on this Earth is walking around with some kind of a problem whether it be their failing health, lack of monies, homelessness, a job, etc. Helping others gives me such a strong feeling of happiness and a boost of energy and great fulfillment. The key is to be able to help others WITHOUT expecting anything back from them.

If one knows one’s purpose in life, one can instantly know what matters most. Here are just a few suggested ways in which a person can truly determine what matters the most.

There is happiness and feelings of fulfillment from doing something: Is there one thing that you are currently doing that makes you happy and fulfilled? Try to determine what you dedicate most of your time to a particular thing when you are not busy at your job. Do not confuse hobbies with passion. According to Morning Coach: “Hobbies are activities that you do to pass the time, and it is okay that you can’t do them on a particular day because you got too busy. However, passions are activities you make time to do, regardless of how busy you are.” Some examples of this are: feeding the homeless, volunteering for a cause that is very dear to your heart, doing random acts of kindness for totally disadvantaged strangers, and expecting nothing in return for doing all of these things. But the key here is: it needs to be your PASSION to do these things that I just listed above. You can not just arbitrarily do them because you just read about them in this article or elsewhere. It has to be a thing or things that have been tugging at your heart and whenever you think about it or do it, it gives you extreme happiness and fulfillment while doing it and it is like time sits still—whereby you do not realize how long you have been doing this particular thing at that moment. For me, whenever I am doing that one particular activity that is my passion, I can do it 24/7 without even getting tired or sleepy.

So, take the time to discover and determine just what your passion is. Focus on this new discovery of yours and make goals for yourself to try to live up to it and accomplish them with a new determination, gusto, and diligence to make and see the results that would truly give you satisfaction and true happiness that comes from within your heart. Because without passion in our lives, it is extremely difficult to live our lives happily and contently with all its problems and difficulties. At the end of each day, reflect on it and be sure to share your new passion with others so they, too, may find their purpose in their lives and live out the very short life that we are all blessed with and live it at such a time as this.

Hope the above information allows you to stop and think and contemplate just exactly what your passion/purpose is in your life. So until the next time, please keep on smiling and dancing at all of our daily DJ events, parties, and in all of our public rooms. If you see me around on sMeet, please do not hesitate to say Hi to me and if you have a question or desire to read on a topic(s) that was never published in any of my past year's articles, please message me privately. Always remember this: Love one another because Love conquers everything!

Happy sMeeting!