Ready to switch to the dark side and help out some humble Villains?

Lava Refined Villain Lair

Looking for a new job, or you're in need of a little change? Luck is on your side, you just stumbled upon the opportunity of your lifetime! It happens that little old me and my pals are looking for someone to help us out with some fun illegal activity. You see, we're all pretty seasoned when it comes to acquiring the really expensive goods through questionable means, but honestly, we're not getting any younger and a smart gangster knows when to quit the game. Ha ha ha, but of course, the boys and I aren't simply retiring like that! Nah, there're three last heists we want to do, the biggest and most difficult of all, and we wouldn't be the evilest villains if we don't end it with a bang.

We've already chosen our base, an active volcano called Mount End. Got it, because it's the end of everybody who tries to crawl up or down this deadly hill. However, as if that could stop us! Quite the opposite, turns out it's the perfect lair, especially with all the equipment we dragged down there!

What's in it for you? Well, valuable work experience, of course! Wait, wait, just kidding! Naturally, you get your share and all you have to do is help us out a little bit. Collect some data, make a few plans, hack into a database here, collect a tool there you know, the usual.

Can we count on you?