Help the cute canine couple at the Love-struck Tails Rooftop!

The Love-struck Tails Rooftop

Anyone can find love, and love comes in all shapes and sizes. Recently, however, it seems these two pups found comfort in each other! They love playing together, snuggling together, and sleeping together. When one wanders into a room, the other is always quick to follow!

As a responsible dog sitter, you decided that they deserve a special evening all to themselves! It’s a bit difficult to make dogs feel like it’s a special day, so that’s why you’re going to have to try your best! One thing that dogs always understand is comfort and good food, so that’s what you’re going to do!

Give them some dog toys to play with, make a wonderfully comfortable bed made of pillows, get the lighting right, and give them a tasty meal for a night to remember! Give these hearty hounds some help at the Love-struck Tails Rooftop room in Smeet!