Travel back in time to tell the story of aliens visiting humans in Bthunk’s Recounting!

Bthunk's Recounting

In some alternate universe out there, dinosaurs roamed the world at the same time as humans, and they had a mean habit of making meals out of our ancestors. There’s not much you can do as a human once a Tyrannosaurus Rex has decided you shall make a nice snack! However, archaeological evidence points to humans getting some help fending off these hungry overgrown lizards!

Some dinosaur populations seem to have simply vanished off the face of the Earth like they simply went poof! The estimated species around at that time left very few fossils behind, as if they somehow left the Earth, or were turned to dust instead of letting their bones sink into the mud! And as far as we know, dinosaurs are not exactly the most dextrous or intelligent, so the thought of them somehow making their own rocket is a bit out of this world.

Loads of cultures throughout the world talk of Sky People, Strangers, or other weird beings coming from the world above and visiting the human world. From gathered evidence from different cave systems, fossil remains, and remaining artwork, we have started to put together a picture of what might have happened!

With enough DNA, evidence, and imagination, we managed to make a sort of time capsule that lets you glimpse into what the world might have been like back then!

Travel back in time to help paint the story of the extra-terrestrial helping the humans by following Bthunk’s Recounting, and make beautiful murals on the walls, left for generations to come! Try out the new cave room in Smeet and tell the weird but fantastical story of our ancestors!