Celebrate the New Year according to the Highlander’s Hogmanay!

Highlander’s Hogmanay Room

There are countless traditions around the world to celebrate the New Year – some people pour lead into the water, believing it to reveal the future. Others like to eat special foods or hang garlic outside their houses, and some eat exactly 12 grapes - one for each month! The whole world is full of wonderful superstitions and traditions that could fill up countless books with stories and ideas, and one place that is rarely unknown for their traditions is Scotland!

The Scottish Hogmanay is an ancient tradition with roots leading all the way back to the Vikings. Just like in many other countries, special cakes are baked, but I bet you didn’t expect a New Year party to involve setting a Viking ship on fire, throwing fireballs into the ocean, or going around houses with a large bowl of mulled cider in exchange for gifts, called Wassailing! Even the first person to enter a house, a First-Footer, is considered special and brings good luck!

Get your New Year gifts together, send the First-Footers to the houses, grab the wassail and celebrate good cheer! Set a Viking ship alight to start the year anew, share the special drinks, and enjoy great food, all in the name of bringing good luck and fortune to you and your families!

Start the year with a bang in the new Highlander’s Hogmanay room in Smeet!