Brand - new badges for you!


Hey Smeeters,
We are excited to show you new badges that are now available for you!

10 Jahre Smeet

We are happy you have been with us for such a long time.So we if you’re a member of sMeet
Community for 10 years then you can ask for the special badge of 10 years. This badge is for



Fenerbahce/Galatasaray/Besiktas fans sure will love the jersey badges. Now you can show
your passion for your soccer (football) team in your profile. Each of the badges will cost you 200



What’s your favorite hobby? Are you a musician, a dancer or a singer?
With these 3 really cool badges you can show others what you are really passionate about.Each
badge costs 200 Coins



Here is something to brighten up your day. This is for all the day dreamers and unicorn lovers
out there. You’re never too old to rock a unicorn badge.You can get this badge for 200 Coins
If you want these badges just ask the admin, they will send it to you or write a message to the

We couldn’t be more excited for you to try it :)