Warm soup for cold days!


Autumn is a perfect season to just relax and contemplate the rain through a window. You can play some relaxing tunes to make it better. You can also light a fireplace or cover yourself in some warm and cosy clothes to improve the experience even further. And you can even drink some tea, coffee, or any warm beverage and just take a deep breath with your eyes closed, perceiving the smell of wet earth. All of this sounds so tempting; almost perfect. But there’s one last thing that can actually take this to perfection; Soup!

One other aspect of Autumn is the abundance of crops, mushrooms, and other delicious ingredients that are perfect to make the most amazing homemade soup; just imagine sitting there next to the window, with your fireplace and blankets, and when you finish your warm beverage you go out with some friends to have nice bowl of delicious soup to warm your body and spirit!

Here on Smeet we know how awesome this can be, and the French Soup Shop at Smeet City have been making the most delicious soups ever! People are coming from everywhere to try all the new amazing flavours, and there’s so many people that the shop actually needs your help serving everyone! So, roll up your sleeves and start serving all the customers while the soup is still warm! If you do a good job you can earn Fame Points, a Warm Badge, but most importantly, you will ensure that all the customers have an amazing Autumn day after a recomforting and delicious soup!