Things that go bump in the night.


Do you believe in ghosts?

It doesn’t matter if you do or not, because they are here, waiting to cross over to our dimension to haunt and scare us and make our lives a nightmare.

A great conflict is raging and only you can save the world as a ghost hunter, hunting them down and saving us from their torment. Or will you be their ally and help them cross over to create chaos in the realm of the living? It’s up to you. We can only hope you make the right decision.

Go to The Raven (accessible via Party Plaza) where you can decide where your fate lies and choose from the Ghost Dimension and the Ghosthunter Dimension - battle to earn Summoning or Banishment Points for your clan by 29th October 2020 and win awesome prizes! (200,000 Fame Points, 50,000 Boosts, 10,000 Social Points, a special badge PLUS a rare mystery item!)

The rooms are free, but please remember you can only choose ONE room and once you have made your decision there is no going back!

Using the Silver Totems and the Cursed Blood to get messages from the ghosts and the red smoke, along with the Necronomicon and the Sacred Zimbals, get extra dimensional vibes and magic formula to either banish the ghosts or bring them over to the living dimension.

Once you reach the Gate Spell, if you are their friend or foe, banish them for eternity or summon them to wreak havoc among us.


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