Help set up the music event of the summer - Smeetopia Festival 2020!

Smeet Room Smeetopia Festival Chat Game

The legendary Smeetopia Festival is here once again. This annual gathering has become an important fixture in the festival season, providing an awesome mix of live music, a variety of other artistic performances and, of course, good vibes! #smeetopia2020 #goodvibez

Luckily, one of your mates from school is in a band that has been given a slot to play at Smeetopia this year. She’s also managed to arrange you a job at the festival, meaning you can earn your ticket and save on cash. Nice.

What she didn’t mention is that setting up a festival can be quite hard work, and festival goers can actually be quite demanding…

As with any festival, you need to provide the Party People a variety of things to make sure they have a blast! The Bands will provide the Music, and you also need to set up a Merchandise Shop and make sure that enough Safety is supplied by Security!

From a catering point of view, it’s all about Beer and Brownies! Once the Beer Barrels and Bags of Brownies are in place, you might also give some to the Festival Performers to make sure the good Festival Feeling spreads to everyone involved!

Prepare for the festival of your lives, Smeeters!