Raise Funds for Rocky the Sniffer Dog at Smeet City Customs!

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The Smeet City Customs Service plays a vital role in a port city that sees thousands of packages arriving and leaving every day. Obviously the city authorities are pretty keen on claiming all the tax they can from this process, and the hard-working men and women of the SCCS do a fantastic job.

Hard-working men and women aren’t always enough though, are they? No, the real last piece of the puzzle is in fact Rocky, the awesome sniffer dog! He uses his sharp sense of smell to pick out any suspicious packages that need to be checked by the team. Usually weird stuff that Uncle McAur has ordered on the internet, presumably.

Sadly, the funding for the SCCS is somewhat lacking and there is no cash to buy Rocky a much-needed new Dog House, Collar or Bowl! So his colleagues are taking things into their own hands and collecting more tax than ever in order to give Rocky the equipment he deserves.

The SCCS has a very strictly-enforced process when it comes to handling goods. The Package Delivery is where everything arrives, and from there things are divided up into three groups – Food Packages, Electrical Device Packages and Antiquity Packages. These are all processed by Customs Officers, who also sort them depending on their value. At the end this means the officers produce either a Cheap Tax Bill or an Expensive Tax Bill for every package in the office!

Then comes the fun part – presenting the Tax Bills to the customers and collecting the tax. Sure they may grumble about it, but you can show them a cute picture of Rocky and their hearts are sure to melt, resulting in them being only too happy to pay what they owe for a good cause!

Tax collectors will never be a popular with the people, Smeeters, but who cares? Do it for Rocky!