Heat up the Dragon Eggs on Nysto’s Island!

Smeet Room Nystos Island Chat Game

After two weeks of Halloween horror and that ongoing diplomatic spat between werewolves and vampires finally coming to an end, it’s time to head off somewhere more relaxing. Welcome to Nysto’s Island, home of the dragons!

OK. We get it. You don’t consider dragons ‘relaxing’. But don’t worry, these particular ones are actually very peaceful, loving creatures. They welcome visitors, they don’t try and burn their faces off or anything like that. Honest.

Although, to be honest, the Nysto dragons are a little bit stressed at the moment. It’s breeding season, but they’re having trouble keeping their eggs warm. The dragons believe that their ancient god Nysto has always maintained the temperature on the volcanic island, but something is wrong this year. We’re sure things will return to normal soon, but for now the dragon eggs need your care and attention!

There are three different ways you can help keep the eggs safe. Grab Sticks from the Trees and feed them into the Heat Source to produce warming Torches and lots of Heat! Alternatively, collect Stones and heat them up in the Hot Spring – Hot Stones and more Heating are produced this way. Finally, there is the Volcano. It’s lain dormant for a while now, but some Gold Boosts should be able to change that!

Help out the dragons and welcome the babies to the world, Smeeters!