Prepare delicious Valentine’s treats at Mrs Loreley’s Chocolate Shop!

Smeet Room Mrs Loreleys Chocolate Shop Chat Game

Valentine’s Day is here and you’re feeling lucky. You have a lot of friends and family (and maybe even a special someone) who love you dearly. Not everyone is in such a fortunate position, so you’ve decided to help spread the Valentine’s Day love as far and wide as you can! You’re helping out an old family friend, Mrs Loreley, who owns a rather lovely boutique chocolate shop in Smeet City! She’s happy to have you because you are eager to learn, friendly with the customers, and NOT going to eat the ingredients as you help out.

In theory…

Start off with bars of Raw Chocolate, which you can break down and melt in the Water Bath Pan. Then mix the Melted Chocolate with the Sweet, Tropical or Exotic Ingredients and store your chocolatey concoction in the Bottling Jars!

From the jars you can draw the most precious Valentine’s material of them all…Chocolate Love! If you collect enough you will be rewarded with badges that will be concrete proof of your commitment to the chocolatey cause!

We wish you all a lovely Valentine’s Day Smeeters, have fun!