Regenerate old materials at Mr. Gorudo´s Kintsugi Workshop!

Smeet Kintsugi Workshop Room

In one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Smeet City lives a local legend. Mr Gorudo has been salvaging damaged and destroyed pottery for years using the Japanese art form of Kintsugi. Unfortunately, the constant threat of rising rents as Smeet City modernizes means Mr Gorudo can no longer survive simply as a local folk hero - he needs to up his business acumen and earn enough to keep his workshop open!

Luckily, he now has you. Help Mr. Gorudo collect Ceramic Shards and purchase some Gold Lacquer to ensure the stream of masterpieces continues to flow. Eventually, the stunning display of Teacups, Plates, Bowls, Teapots and Vases is bound to catch the attention of some wealthy collector!

Best of luck, Smeeters!