Become a part of the team at Marie’s Horse Ranch!

Smeet Room Maries Horse Ranch Chat Game

Your old friend Marie is a kind soul. Looking to get away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life, she left Smeet City a few years ago and set up her own horse ranch in a beautiful part of the countryside. Since then the business has gone from strength to strength, meaning she’s actually ended up even busier than she was before…

So she’s decided it’s time for a long-overdue holiday, although first she needs to find someone she can trust to look after the ranch while she is gone. She asks you and, deciding that you could use a quiet break in the country, you agree!

Unfortunately, you soon find out that this ain’t no chilled out holiday. Oh no. Turns out these horses are super fussy eaters, and their owners have left VERY specific requirements for what they should be fed.

You need to follow the instructions Marie has left for you to the letter. Mix Water and Oats in the Feeding Trough to create Basic Horse Food. Think that’s job done? Think again, my friend. The Basic Horse Food then needs to be checked either via the Nutrition Table or the Horse Breeder to turn it into the Substantial Horse Food that these rockstar stallions have become used to. What a bunch of divas!

Help Marie out and earn a ton of Fame Points, Smeeters!