Mix up chilly cocktails at the Frozen Waterfall Ice Bar!

Smeet Room Frozen Waterfall Ice Bar Chat Game

There’s a trendy new bar in town, and you’re in charge! The Frozen Waterfall Ice Bar is here to transform the nightlife of Smeet City. Just don’t forget your coat!

The more affluent residents of Smeet City love to feel like they’re living a life of luxury, and nowhere does that better than an Ice Bar. The whole place is glistening, we can already tell it’s gonna be very popular!

It’s opening night and the bar is packed. There are ten Tables of Customers that need serving, so bring Icy Glasses to as many of them as you can. What goes in them, then? This is where the real work starts ;)

For the Frozen Waterfall prides itself on the variety of cocktails it offers. There are ten different drinks currently on the menu, each with its own unique flavor. From ‘Arctic Blizzard’ to ‘Frozen Resolution’, there is something for everyone.

Serve as many Customers as you can to earn Icy Cash, which can in turn be used to complete the beautiful Ice Statues.

It’s the coolest bar in town, Smeeters , so make sure it stays that way!