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Well, I was told I needed to submit an article. So I am sitting here, listening to lofi hip hop radio on YouTube and avoiding paperwork due for work to bring you the latest masterpiece from my keyboard.

First of all, let me say I have started 3 pieces for your reading pleasure. One, about summertime and the seemingly never-ending activities​ that make it memorable. Another about crime shows that draw me in to a world of mystery and mayhem. And the last about various bands and how they came about their names. I thought about penning a relationship post but knew I could never match the insight had by Sayuri. I thought about a comical, witty post as well. But lets face it, WillKane has me one-upped on that one. Maybe I have writers block. Perhaps I'm still blocking right now, I'm just forced to produce piece of work for publication. All I know is that I couldn't do this for a living, I don't have enough words!

Even if I had enough words, I don't know if I possess the eloquence necessary to inform, entertain or persuade an audience. What I do know is that most readers like short one to two-minute reads. So if you have reached the end of this useless article, thank you. Thank for sticking it out to see where this entry went. Sorry it took you on the road to nowhere. Thank you for chuckling at my humor and perhaps recognizing a bit of yourself as you have read. Thank you for making the Smeet community the best it can possibly be! I am taking suggestions on articles to spin. Send me a ​message​ with your idea​s​!


EN Journalist Femme