×Dr.Emin×: What not to do when breaking up!

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Don't do these things after breaking up!


  1. Find a new lover to make jealous:

Here is the biggest mistake you will make. You think your ex will understand your value when you find your lover. No, on the contrary, this will take him away from you. And surely this new lover will make you regret. Because be with someone while someone else is in your heart will deeply hurt you. This is called a rebound relationship.

  1.  Begging '’I can't be without you'’:

This is the biggest mistake you can make. Find out the truth, it is a very romantic sentence to say "I cannot be without you" to the lover while in a relationship. But during the separation, you have to show the opposite that you can be without her, too. Because actually everyone admires powerful characters. Your personality is important and you have to show it. She must see that you can live without her too. You really should feel like this. You must show that you are not dependent on her.

  1. Completely disappear

It is also wrong to disconnect the contact completely and to disappear. So you don't have to disappear yet at this stage. I'm not saying talk to her, but you shouldn’t be able what she will never find you nowhere. After all, if she has questions about separation, she will solve it with you. So be in places where she can reach you.


Some advice from the love doctor Emin. I wish everyone happy love 😊

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