EN/INT King & Queen Style Contest - Qualify for Mr & Mrs Smeet 2020!

Smeet EN/INT Style Contest Mr Mrs Smeet

Calling all you stylish people from the EN/INT server! This Saturday sees the start of the annual Mr & Mrs Smeet competition. The grand final will take place at the admin's Valentines Party on 14th February, and now is your chance to represent EN/INT at that contest!

Come along to the EN Catwalk room on Saturday 8th February at 7pm Berlin time (that's 6pm London time, 1pm US East Coast) for a King & Queen's party organised by DJ Liba, DJ Grise and DJ Geppetto! If you want to participate you will need to prepare TWO outfits. The themes for the contest are...





This may only be a preliminary, but there are still great prizes on offer too!:

1st Place Male & Female, BOTH receive the following: 500 Coins, 10,000 Fame Points, 15 GoldVIP days, 8000 Dimes. Also QUALIFY FOR THE GRAND FINAL on Friday 14th February!

2nd Place Male & Female, BOTH receive the following: 250 Coins, 8000 Fame Points, 10 GoldVIP days, 6000 Dimes.

3rd Place Male & Female, BOTH receive the following: 150 Coins, 6000 Fame Points, 5 GoldVIP days, 4000 Dimes.


Any other questions, simply contact Wild Rover, write to Support, or speak to one of the organising DJs.

Can't wait to see you all there, Smeeters!