Sports Report Đåєŋєяyş¯ on the NBA Finals!

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Hello  there !  I'm  Đåєŋєяyş¯  your  Sport  Reporter ;)  and  today  I will  talk  with  you  all  about  the NBA Finals Game 2019!

At the second-to-last happened that the finals now it's  the "Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors".

How about them?

The score before was 3-1, so one more win for Toronto Raptors and they had to be the champion, but..on 5 the Golden state had a come back: they won game 5, thats why they are now 3-2.

-The  Finals :

The Toronto Raptors won Game 6 by beating Golden State 110-114 and entering the league's first straight game - winning the franchise's first title and a Canadian team in the NBA at the same time.

The last act of these NBA Finals was a constant marvel of emotion, with a charged atmosphere, because the Warriors wanted to pay homage to Durant - and Oracle Arena (built in 1966, home of the Warriors for 47 seasons that saw the team move from bottom of the NBA standings to the top) wanted to roar all its love for a team that moved to San Francisco after 47 years. The Toronto Raptors got off to an 11-2 start on Kyle. Golden SW reacts immediately with "Klay Thompson" and the race becomes a very long head-to-head. The Warriors, with a 14-4 run in the third quarter, appeared to take matters into their own hands, then they were hit again by bad luck. Klay lands badly after a dunk on his left knee in the last quarter of an hour and does not get up until he is carried to the locker-room. After less than a minute, the Oracle roar returns, puts two free then goes out again, this time  not to come back for too much pain. It's like a hammer blow, because until then it had been the best. But the Warriors didn't give up, they were ahead first the final siren (88-86), trailing Toronto to a long, final sprint from which the Raptors came out victorious thanks to "Kawhi Leonard' class with 22 points in 41 minutes, to "Fred VanVleet's triples (the man of destiny for Toronto led the Raptors (94-93) from long range in the fourth quarter  topping a 22-point, 5/11 game from the arc in 34 minutes of asphyxiating defense on Curry, including not only him coming off the road: "Serge Ibaka" in 22 minutes with 15 points and 7/12 shooting, three rebounds.. to "Siakam's talent other great face of the Raptors success and author of 26 points –he scores a basket from the dribble without conscience - 26.5 seconds from the siren and finally thanks for desire of this team to cheer all over the Canada. The Raptors are NBA champions and "Kawhi Leonard" is the Finals MVP for the second time in his career, following the title with the San Antonio Spurs in 2014. In the embrace of the Larry O'Brien Trophy is the beginning of a new era. And the end of the Warriors' reign.


GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS – TORONTO RAPTORS 110-114 (32-33, 25-27, 31-26, 22-28)

Golden State: Curry 21, Thompson 30, Iguodala 22, Green 13, Looney 6, Cousins 12, Livingston 6, Cook 2, McKinnie, Jerebko, Bogut, Bell.

Toronto: Lowry 26, Green, Leonard 22, Siakam 26, Gasol 3, VanVleet 22, Ibaka 15, Powell, McCaw, Meeks, Lin, Anunoby.

So, I  hope you found everything satisfactory, I’ll  send  a  big  kiss  for  you  all, I am now  saying goodbye to everyone  and  to  Winstonn  :D  ehyaa!  And until next  article,  byee  mwah!  - Đåєŋєяyş¯