Host THE party of the future at the Cyberdome!

Smeet Room Cyberdome Chat Game

The year is 2077. In this dystopian future, humanity is dominated by computer technology and artificial intelligence. Smeet City has become a high-tech metropolis of flying shuttle cars and armed robot security droids. But never fear! The partying spirit of humanity lives on underground, hidden away in the dilapidated ruins of the old town.

Yet one illicit club, above all others, remains the best proof that humans never forgot how to party…welcome to the Cyberdome!

Now it may be the future but that does not mean everything has changed. No, no. It may be 2077, but weirdly you still remain a magnet for small business owners in need of short-term workers. There’s something about you, apparently. You know the story by now – the Cyberdome owner needed a new events manager and you happened to meet him on a particularly gregarious night out. Next thing you know, you’ve got the job. Remarkable.

Use the three Amp Generators to produce Cyber Energy, the real source of the good vibes at this party! The Energy can be harnessed to ensure all the major aspects of the party are running to their peak – the futuristic ‘USB X’ Drinks, the Neon Lights, the DJ at the Holo Table and the glamorous Holo Dancer too!

All this combined will give you everything you need to light up the focal point of the Cyberdome – the LED Screens! The PanaGEL Tonic Program (in the future, humans simply load tastes into their brains), Lighting Mood, Beats, and Holo Dance Steps are all required to get those screens lit up.

The fate of this fantastic futuristic fiesta is in your hands, Smeeters!