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Throughout my time on Smeet, yes, the 4 years I have survived on Smeet i have experienced both personal and non-personal of how Smeet relationships can either be a disaster or happy ever after story. I have been hearing the quote " It takes 2 to tango" (written by Al Hoffman & Dick Manning) a lot and in most cases on Smeet this doesn't seem to be the case. I will admit on some occasions to I have been the subject of not being the one who has shared the tango in relationship, and I am not afraid to admit this either.

Examples of the advantages of Smeet love, when you see the couple in a few years’ time, and you find out they have married in real and they are living together, if a couple was to have an argument and they don't break up and cause drama for each other they can talk about it like adults and finally when there is absolute trust, honesty, commitment in the relationship.

Examples of the disadvantages of Smeet love, I have experienced personal and seen it happen were a guy you will meet and then by the same day or only just after a short time they are both in a relationship and calling each other husband and wife, but these things are set up to fail because normally guys and females like this after a week or so get bored of that person and you see them sending interactions to other males or females (this does happen a lot and there has been guys and girls getting very jealous about it ) and then the relationship ends up failing and breaking down.

Another example i have seen is where there have been guys more often than girls are looking for sexual things and it very unfortunate to saythere are some occasions this does happen but that isn't love, don't get me wrong a couple in love needs to share special moments but I don't think it should be shared over bad terms. They both should feel comfortable and feel it is the right moment when it is to happen. My advice for those looking for a sexual relationship is think before you do.

Finally with Smeet love I have seen whilst on the game for my years is when a guy or girl goes up to one another and say "you want to dance" or whatever they feel like saying weather it’s in public chat box or private message, and the guy or girl rejects that person they suddenly decide to either insult that person or harass them for the rest of evening, never in the real world should be happening nobody should ever feel forced to do anything they don’t want to weather you are a guy a girl if you feel forced then either block them or report it to a Info, OP or Host please I will kindly advice you don't start anything dramatic.  It’s the worst ever choice you can make.

In a positive relationship the most important key things that needs to be present are loyalty, trust, honesty and sharing the same feelings about that person. I understand that a lot of things can affect a healthy relationship for example if the person has been cheated on. One of my most favorite quotes is "A loving heart is the truest wisdom"(written by Charles Dickens) because from past relationships I have learned this quote is very true and every time I hear it makes me smile because I know that mistakes will be made in my life until I find the right one for me and he is out there, but patience is the biggest key of life, never give up waiting.

So, in conclusion here is something for you to remember about any relationship whether it be online or in real life, times will hard and sometimes you feel like giving up on anything.


Now that my article is at it's end, remember to always stay smiling, keep trying at whatever love you may come across on Smeet, keep looking beautiful, have fun, meet as many people you can and remember nothing is a rush - take time to get to know the person properly, you have all the time in the world.

If you ever need help to find your true right love, then please don't hesitate to contact me on Smeet @ Username:  ·•ßℓìss•·id: 28113281 and I’ll be happy to help you. Love and Respect each other always and your all on this game to have fun! Happy Smeeting. Many Happy Blessings to you all <3