Use your natural surroundings to create some Autumn Artistry!

Smeet Room Autumn Artistry Chat Game

Autumn is soon turning to winter, but you have one last chance to enjoy the gorgeous colors of this wonderful time of year. Get out into the fresh November air and gather some natural materials to create something special!

Art takes many forms, but we think it always works better when you use materials in their purest, most natural form. Grab the Autumn Artistry room from the Shop and help gather materials for the talented Autumn Artists.

To create the autumn masterpieces, simply grab some Nuts and Leaves and give them to the Autumn Artists. They will also need some Glue to stick the whole thing together. Once the artist has these things, they will produce valuable Autumn Art Skill. This is the key to creating awesome, natural-looking pieces of art. There are three sculptures to complete, so get to work!

Enjoy, Smeeters!