Soak your Enemies at the Splish-Splash Water Balloon Fight!

Smeet Room Splish Splash Water Balloon Fight Chat Game

Here in the Smeet Office, the Smeet admins have endured an absolute SCORCHER of a summer. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t complaining, but sometimes it can be pretty hard to concentrate in the heat. That’s why it’s always good to think of new ways to cool ourselves down…

Luckily, we take the needs of the people of Smeet City into consideration too! That’s why we’ve prepared an epic arena for everyone to cool off and have fun…welcome to the Splish-Splash Water Balloon Fight!

The battle will take place on an old football field right in the middle of Downtown Smeet City, so the eyes of the metropolis will be upon you all! Sure, everything doesn’t always have to be competitive, but we WANT TO WIN AND WILL NOT ACCEPT FAILURE so yeah, make sure you’re up for it.

Preparations for this wet ‘n’ wild war are pretty simple – fill up some Water Balloons at the Water Balloon Pump and pass them onto the Water Balloon Fighters, who will use their gadgets to produce the Accuracy, Force and Distance required to ensure your enemies cannot possibly escape a soaking.

Don’t miss out on the fun, Smeeters!