High Season at the Easter Egg farm!

High Season at the Easter Egg farm!

The easter bunny is nearly tearing his furr out… there is still sooo much to do and so little time. And he is so happy to see you, cause he knows you are the perfect person to help him out.

Most of the stuff is already in place. The colorful chocolate beans for the rainbow chickens, the white eggs from the normal chickens and the color palette to get the eggs painted.

Since the easter egg artists were afraid that they wouldn´t be done with all the eggs before easter the rainbow chickens agreed to help with the colorful egg production.

Since this is a trial run the easter bunny decided to evaluate every egg to make sure it´s perfect for the easter basket.

But all of a sudden one of the egg artists is screaming. A whole basket of his eggs are gone and also the rainbow chickens report that there is an egg missing here and there… who is sabotaging the work at the easter egg farm?

The sneaky culprit soon is found!

Unfortunately in all this chaos the easter bunny forgot to hire security or even check how is coming to help. So the clever fox in his bunny costume wasn´t discovered in the hiring process and stole a few eggs here and there.

Everyone is trying to convince the fox to give out the already done eggs to save time, but the fox refuses to help. Until you come up with the idea to give him some easter joy in return and he agrees to exchange the eggs.

Now the work at the easter egg farm „Colorfull Egg“ can move on and the easter bunny is able to  fill all the baskets with beautiful eggs and easter joy.