Spring Games Round 4 - The Smeet Spring Party 2021!


Smeeters, it's time for a great Spring Party! Come along on Friday 26th of March from 17:30 Berlin time for great music from some of our finest DJs. Dance, sing along and maybe even rock out with some of our admins, who will be there too!

To win the final round of the Smeet Spring Games 2021, you have to click on the Spring Baskets that will appear in the International Lovers Garden for the party. The baskets will be clickable until midnight Berlin time, so the domain that has clicked their basket the most by then will win the final round!

The Round 4 Rewards are as follows:
1. Place: 3 Points for the Domain
2. Place: 2 Points for the Domain
3. Place: 1 Point for the Domain

We can't wait to see you all there!