How to woo a person you like


Hey guys!! Summer is almost over, I hope that you have found your soulmate!!!

In order to woo the person we like, we should be able to show our interest and try to do it right. While it is possible to find a way to flirt in line with our character, it is crucial to know how to seduce someone. First, we must be comfortable with ourselves. In many cases insecurities, low self-esteem or other psychological problems can interfere with our love life and lead us to doubt ourselves. I will give you a series of tips and elements to take into account and that can be useful to you when you want to approach the person you like:


1. Eye contact = Eye contact plays a fundamental role during seduction: on the one hand it will help you to understand if there is interest on the other side, on the other it can be a way to make your interest understood. A fleeting glance is a great start because it is completely spontaneous!


2. Use humor= One of the best tips I can give you is just to make jokes and try to make the other person smile (and laugh)!


3. Don’t show that you like it (or at least not too much)= Another key tip is to play a little with the uncertainty of the other person. Your disinterest may spark interest from the other side!


4. Body language= Body language is a non-verbal signal: the way you carry yourself, facial expressions (smile!), body movements and gestures are all details to pay attention to.


5. The voice=A warm and low tone of voice, with a slow rhythm, has a different intention than the one you normally use.


6. Self-confidence=Self-confidence is one of the keys to success in any challenge!


7. Touching = Another technique that may help woo is to lightly touch or touch the person next to you (i.e., a caress or just touch the hair, arm, or leg)


8. Avoid discounted or trivial conversations= Try to ask deeper questions to get to know the person better


9. Listening = when speaking and supporting each other when you are going through a difficult time


10. The important things are: don’t pressure, don’t be indifferent, be present.


Wish you lots of luck and always peace and love!!!

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