Let’s start off this article with the definition of the word passion:


According to Collins English Dictionary and the American Heritage Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language, the word passion is a noun that refers to a very strong feeling about something or a strong belief in something.


If I asked you: Are you living your life with passion? How would you answer that question? Everyone should be able to answer that question without any hesitation, unless one does not even know what it means to live a life with passion. Thus, it is my greatest desire to share with you all in this article just what it means: To live a life full of passion.


Since we now know what the meaning of the word, passion means. One should be able to without any hesitation, be able to describe/explain to others what their passion is. If one does not know what it is, let me try to help you find out what your passion is in this article.


To discover what your passion is: try to reflect and think about your childhood and what was it that made you smile and had a great deep desire for you to do. A task or job that while doing it, not only do you have a smile on your face, but it comes naturally and without a feeling of being forced to do it and you totally enjoy doing it. For example: As a young child growing up, my father, who was an entrepreneur (both of my parents were entrepreneurs before I was born) would always tell me this: Sayuri, never ever chase after monies, but always find a career that is your passion and the monies will always follow you. Growing up I always had that thought and desire in my mind to have a career that was my passion. My passion was always: to be able to help others in any capacity that I was able to. In college, it was my desire to become a high school counselor in middle school or a teacher. Unfortunately, not always do we obtain our desires, but instead later working as a paralegal and many years as an editor, I wanted to become an attorney specializing in family law --- so that I would be able to help others going through such a traumatic divorce such as I did.


Living a life with passion should always be a deep and great desire to help others less fortunate than you. It should be a desire that comes from within oneself and to help others without trying to receive anything back. But, as my father told me – the monies will always follow you if you are indeed living your life with passion, whether it be your career or just living life.


What does it mean to live with purpose?


According to Google: “So what does it mean--- to live with purpose? Simply put, it means that you know what you’re doing. You have goals and are passionate about what you do. Instead of simply letting the days pass you by, you work with purpose to make the most from each day. When you live with a purpose, you are not just existing.”


Let me share with you all some ways to find your purpose in life:


1. Identify the things you care about: For example: What is it that occupies your thoughts a lot regarding how you can change things for the better for others.
Start by asking yourself these few questions: What are you good at? Is there a skill(s) that you have that you may be able to use for a cause? Do you have desires or specific desires to help out in your community to benefit others?


2. Are there things that really matter to you? Any specific thing that matters the most to you?


3. Do you know and are aware of what your strengths and talents are? What is it that you enjoy doing and you believe that you are good at it?


4. Try volunteering for organizations that interest you and you have an inner desire to contribute to that cause.


5. Try to imagine your best possible self: Ask yourself: what is important to you and what do you really care about and why? Asking yourself why: will help you to discover your purpose.


6. Always try to be in a positive mode; We do this by showing gratitude daily for everything.


7. Think about peoples we admire and how we can also contribute to our community using our desires/goals, strengths and talents.


(*Jill Suttie: excerpts from article: 7 Ways to Find Your Purpose in Life)




So, are you all currently living your lives with passion and purpose?

Hope all of the above information shared above will help all of you to find a more fulfilling, desirable and successful life as you all embark to search within yourself and to find out what exactly is your passion and purpose in life and then to: LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH PASSION AND PURPOSE with great enthusiasm and joy.

So until the next time that we meet again, keep smiling, dancing and meeting new peoples at all of our daily DJ events or private parties.

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Always remember to love one another because LOVE conquers everything! God bless you all and Happy Smeeting and always remember to live your lives with passion and purpose! <3