Enjoy blockbuster season at the Silver Screen Amphitheater!

Smeet Room Silver Screen Amphitheater Chat Game

One of our favorite summertime activities is going to the outdoor cinema. It provides a unique experience that allows you to enjoy movie classics in an environment that provides a more natural atmosphere.

Unless it’s raining, obviously. In which case we’ll stay at home, thanks.

The people of Smeet City are no different, and the most popular spot in the city for summertime blockbusters, indie classics and art house independent films is the Silver Screen Amphitheater, located in Booster Park right in the middle of the city! The cinema is run primarily by volunteers, so you’ve agreed to help out this year and ensure cinematic excellence reaches as many people as possible.

First up you need to let the people know what’s on at the moment by handing out Movie Programs. Once they’ve decided there is something they’d like to watch, you need to make sure the Hungry and Thirsty Movie Fans are provided with all the food and drink they need for the full cinematic experience! The Snack and Soft Drink Stalls should do the trick here, no worries!

Once they have become Satisfied Movie Fans, you just need to send them over to the Ticket Seller before going into the cinema!

Have a great night at the movies, Smeeters!