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Hey, Jealousy! It had Nick Jonas puffing his chest. It tripped up Freddy Mercury and it made Beyonce rummage through her closet for new clothes.  Why does one release that green-eyed monster when we see (or hear) our partner talking to someone else (or here in Smeet, standing a little too close in a public room) or we notice a new handbag or pair of shoes our friend has?

People have different fears and hang-ups that feed their pet monster.  For some it may be loneliness, for others it may be sadness, and yet others are jealous over more material things such as cars and homes. So to compensate and cope with those emotions they turn to jealousy, trading one bad emotion for another.

Shakespeare wrote of jealousy in his play Othello; “it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on”.  In essence, jealousy only makes the jealous one look even more foolish.  And it will eventually “eat” the poor soul alive.  Why do people harbor such a strong emotion that will eventually cause them harm? Who really knows? There have been volumes written on the subject, but no definitive explanation as of yet. 

Jealousy is unhealthy. It’s an awful feeling that binds one’s guts and grinds one’s teeth. A jealous person is ever watchful and suspicious, growling at those who come near like a dog guarding a bone. It’s a mean and miserable way to live. Has anyone ever actually enjoyed feeling jealous? I sincerely doubt it.  It can physically cause loss of sleep and stress, impacting your daily productivity.

So, instead of wallowing in misery, why not try these ways of changing your mindset. First of all, embrace contentment.  Find happiness in who you are and the blessings in your life.  Look at life not as the glass being half empty, but half full.  Perhaps you’ll need to pour your “life” into a smaller glass to gain some perspective on how fortunate you (and most of us) truly are.

Secondly, be a part of an activity that sparks joy in your heart.  It doesn’t have to be anything special.  It could be walking your dog or listening to music.  The important thing is to replace the negative emotions with positive ones. One way I have found is to simply take a walk.  Not only does it clear the mind, but it also promotes healthy living. 

Third, and last, take a break from activities that cause negative feelings to grow. If your girlfriends are flirting with the guy you like at the club, don’t go to the club with those friends.  You know they’ll try to pick up all the guys you have your eye on!  If your buddy is bragging on his newest car accessory don’t go places in his car, take yours instead!  He’ll like the extra gas money in his pocket.  Find those relationships and friendships in your circle that are healthy and positive and reinforce them.  Then, you can look jealousy in its beady, green eyes and scoff at it knowing you have the upper hand from now on.


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