Smeet Spring Games 2019 Final Results

It's been an epic battle over the past month, but the final results are here...and we can reveal that TURKEY (Butterfly Group) and POLAND (Beehive Group) are the winners of the 2019 Games!

They both won Round 5 in their respective groups. This was particularly important for Poland, who needed to win to sneak past LITHUANIA, while SPAIN/LATIN AMERICA couldn't quite catch Turkey in the end. The full final results are as follows:

Butterfly Group
TR - 20 Points
ES/LAT - 12 Points
GR - 8 Points
FR - 2 Points

Beehive Group
PL - 16.5 Points
LT - 15 Points
EN/INT - 5.5 Points
DE - 4 Points
IT - 1 Point

Spring Games Winner's Boxes will be sent out to the TR and PL domains shortly, and there will also be something small for everyone else to thank you for your participation.

Huge congrats to all the servers and to everyone who participated, both in the individual and group task rounds. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and look forward to next time!