Smeet Spring Games Round 4 Chat Game

Do you agree that the mighty lion is the true King of the Animals? Or do you have a different view on this vitally important question? ;) Well, why don't we have an Avatar Contest to help us decide on the REAL King and Queen of the Animal Kingdom?

Simply dress up in your finest animal costume and send a screenshot to by Sunday 26th May. What's more, there's some BIG news for Round 4! - there are DOUBLE the number of winners! A King AND Queen of the Animal Kingdom for each position!:

1st prize (for both the 'King' and 'Queen'): 3 points for the domain, 500 Coins and 50,000 Fame Points for the user!
2nd prize (for both the 'Prince' and 'Princess'): 2 points for the domain, 300 Coins and 30,000 Fame Points for the user!
3rd prize (for both the 'Butler' and 'Handmaiden'): 1 point for the domain, 100 Coins and 15,000 Fame Points for the user!

For inspiration, you could look to the trailer for the new version of The Lion King, coming out this year! Now, excuse us while we watch it for the 399th time while crying all over our keyboards (