Say it in Song: the how-to’s of making a great playlist!

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Want to make a great playlist? EN Journalist Femme tells you how!

From the pen of Femme:

I recently complied a playlist for my boyfriend. It was his idea.  He also created one for me.  We exchanged them to commemorate a milestone of yet another year going strong.  Considering I enjoy music I thought this would be an easy go.  Oh my! Was I ever challenged! 

His final product was a master piece that brought tears to my eyes; mine (which also brought tears to my eyes in a different way) was more like a first graders rendering of Michelangelo’s painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  I have discovered that creating a playlist isn’t just about throwing together a list of songs that fit the other persons style of music; it’s about thoughtful and careful consideration of theme, mood, and more! 

Take your time and contemplate the theme of the playlist and meanings of the songs. Don’t just throw songs together in a haphazard fashion, you'll be nothing more than a glorified radio disc jockey if you do that. He wrote me a lyrical letter, while I gave him alphabet soup. Try to tell a story through song, perhaps about the first time you met either online or in real life.  Another idea would be to create a playlist of special songs using the letters of their name (or pet name) in an acrostic.  My playlist might have:

  Firework by Katy Perry

  Every Breath you Take by The Police

  Monster by Eminem ft. Rhianna

  Mouth by Bush

  Earth Angel by The Penguins

Use Spotify to search songs and create a playlist in a timely way.  Gone are the days of waiting for your favorite song to play on the radio with your finger hovering the record button. A simple search and right click to add is all you need to do! You can also use YouTube to add the dimension of video to your playlist.  If you Google “playlist creator” or search GooglePlay you will have countless ways to make your playlist come to life.

Add a personal touch.  This can be a personalized letter, a picture or photograph, a file; anything that will make the recipient feel that this creative adventure was planned, purposeful and poised.  Mine was lacking in all those areas, especially after listening to the one I received. I honestly felt embarrassed at the quality of my workmanship compared to his.  But after some sweet, soothing words, I felt a little better.  The great thing is that I can revise and rearrange the content of my playlist to reflect a more well-thought-out scheme. 

So for the lyrically and musically challenged, there is hope for us!  It may take a few extra tries, but a great playlist for that someone special is just a few clicks away!  If you need more help, visit and read their 10 tips on how to make a great playlist.  Afterall, you want a product that will be a hit and not a hot mess!


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